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Black Eagle X Impact Shaft (12)

Black Eagle X Impact Shafts

(pack of 12)


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$270.00 (inc GST)



Carbon target shaft from Black Eagle.  

Key features:

  • Durable, 100% high-mod carbon construction.
  • Low grains per inch allows for improved front of centre tune.
  • Small diameter ideal for long range shooting.
  • Full range of spines to suit archers of all statures.
  • Also available as fletched shafts. See alternative items below.

Technical specifications:

Material:  Carbon
Diameter:  15/64"
Grains   Per Inch:  8.7 (400   spine)
Straightness     Tolerance:   ±   .001"
Weight   Tolerance:  ±   1 grain
Available   Spines:  250-1100
Uncut   length (approx):  32"
Included   components:  Micro   nocks
Optimal   for:  Long range target shooting. Field and WA/ FITA Outdoor.