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W&W Dragonfly 38

W&W Dragonfly


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$1,225.00 (inc GST)

DRAGONFLY is a bow designed for a perfect balance between design and versatility. Fast enough for 3D shooting or target shooting he precision of the best bows in the world. 
The DRAGONFLY wins fans as they raise their hand in the grip. 
Made from a body extra strong aluminum our compound bow iron brand launches will help you fly you to success as soon as you will take with. 
with a design and a structure in style, it will prevent the side and will bring stability and shooting comfort torque. Ideal for indoor shooting, Shooting campaign and 3D shooting.

Features : 
• ATA: 38 " 
• IBO Speed: 310+ 
• Weight: 4.2 lbs 
• Brace: 7" 
• Power Range: 30, 40, 50, 60 Lbs 
• Draw Length

TL1 Cam: 27 - 29.5"

EZ1 Cam: 25.5 - 29.5"

EZ2 Cam: 27.5 - 31.5"

Specifications and availability subject to change from Win & Win Archery.