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TS 330 Kinetic

TS 330 Compound Bow


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$895.00 (inc GST)

TS-330 Compound Bow

Weight: 3.5Lbs

ATA: 31"

IBO: 330fps

Brace height: 7"

Draw weight: 30-55Lbs

Draw lenght: 24-30"

Bow strings: BCY

Riser: Aluminium CNC machined

Limbs: Gordon Composites (same supplier for Hoyt compound bows)


Kit includes:

Bow, 5pin hunting sight, whisker biscuit rest, peep, wrist release, allen key set, short stabilizer, wrist sling



The bow is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner when purchased from an authorized retailer. This warranty includes all bow parts, expect the string/cables, cable glide and apprearance