Archery Warehouse LTD

 My name is James Kinnear. I started my journey in archery with my daughter back in 2011.

By 2013, I recognised the need for an Archery store that catered for the needs of target archery and in particular, recurve bows.

Archery Warehouse was registered and the retail store opened its doors in July 2013. It was humble beginnings but the shop quickly became the first choice for many archers and clubs alike.

Over the years, relationships and trust with manufacturers and international suppliers were formed and it became a cornerstone of the business to supply the best archery equipment available at the best price to the NZ archers.

The Archery Warehouse store is located in East Tamaki, Auckland. We have an indoor range and workshop where we build, test and tune bows. As well as ready made, we offer custom arrows and strings and stock all the latest archery equipment including a full range of target faces, target butts and archery accessories.

We work closely with clubs and schools to ensure archers are fitted with the best possible equipment. We have also grown our hunting section over the past few years and now offer a very attractive selection of hunting bows and equipment.

I have sadly decided to retire this year and Archery Warehouse is officially up for sale!!!

If you would like more information about owning a very successful and financially stable archery store with enormous potential, please get in contact with me via email or phone.