Lorne Roodt

Lorne is currently a member of Mountain Green Archery Club, as a compound archer. In the past he has represented South Africa in recurve archery, with his international debut in 2008. He is hoping to represent New Zealand in compound within the next couple of seasons.

He is ranked 6th in NZ for Open Men's Compound as of December 2023

Jill Gillette

Jill started archery in 2005. As a young widow, archery gave Jill focus and she is now a competitive archer and bowhunter. Jill won 2 silver medals at the World Masters Games, and ranked 6th and won a bronze teams medal at the 2016 World Field Archery Championship. Jill is a 2018-2019 AFBU NZFAA Bow Hunter Champion, and 2019 Silver medalist at the World Field Archery Bow Hunter Championships.  In 2021 and 2022 Jill won the NFAA Indoor Nationals. She competed at the 2023 IFAA Indoor World Championship in England, and came 4th. Jill has twenty NZFAA records.

Jill is currently the President of NZFAA, and a coach and committee member at Franklin Archery Club.

Bev Evans

Beverley Evans belongs to the Manawatu Archery club, she started archery 8 years ago, joining her son who was already shooting. She began as a left handed recurver and now shoots as a right handed compounder. Beverley represented New Zealand at her first international tournament at the 2023 World Archery Oceania Championships in Adelaide, Australia where she won 2 bronze medals. She is ranked 2nd in NZ Open Women's Compound as of March 2024.

Bev holds 10 NZ/National records. She also holds one New Zealand Field Archery Association record.


Jaeda Ala'alatoa-Dale

Jaeda Alaalatoa-Dale is an U18 Recurve archer who is the 2023 New Zealand Outdoor and Indoor Champion in her division and was recently named College Sport (Archery) Young Sportsperson of the year for 2023. Jaeda also won the College Sport Auckland Archery Individual League and Individual Matchplay in 2023.

Jaeda represented New Zealand at the 2023 Trans-Tasman Challenge, medalling as an individual and in her team. She went on to place fourth in the World Archery Oceania Championships and won gold in teams matchplay. When Jaeda is not training, she’s a senior at high school, out snorkelling, going for a run, hanging out with her brother and sister or helping out on Saturdays at Archery Warehouse. Jaeda loves archery because it has an individual and team component because it is a sport for all that can be enjoyed at all stages of life.

Jaeda holds 1 National record for U16 Women Recurve. As of March 2024, she is ranked 2nd in U18 Women's Recurve.

Finn Matheson

Finn Matheson is a member of Auckland Archery Club, a New Zealand representative recurve archer and double international (karate).

He first competed for NZ in 2018 at the Trans-Tasman Tournament, and again at the WA Oceania Championships and Youth Olympic Selection Event. In 2019 he competed in World Cup events in Shanghai and Antalya (Turkey), the WA Youth World Championships in Madrid and in 2023, at the WA Oceania Championships where he won 3 medals. He also travelled to the Sol2023 Pacific Games and, along with fellow staff shooter Nuala, placed 2nd in the mixed teams Continental Qualifying Tournament event. He has also been selected for 2024 World Cup Stages 1, 2, and 3. Finn is ranked 230th in the World Archery rankings as of 1st April 2024.

Finn is a WA Level 2 coach, an Archery NZ Performance Coach, and a member of the King’s College PE staff where he is employed as their archery coach. Finn was named ‘Archery NZ Coach of the Year’ for 2022.

Finn holds 2 NZ/National records.

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca is a member of Christchurch Archery Club and Mountain Green Archery Club. She has been shooting since 2013. Rebecca represented NZ in the 2016 and 2018 Trans Tasman Challenge, and the 2018 Oceania Championships, where she won a Youth Olympic spot. Rebecca represented NZ at the 2018 Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympics, finishing 7th individually and 4th in her mixed team. She was the first New Zealand archer to be selected for the Youth Olympic Games.

Bex won the 2024 Archery NZ Clout Championship at the Archery NZ Nationals.

Rebecca holds 27 NZ/National records

Nuala Edmundson

Nuala has been a member of Mountain Green Archery Club in Auckland since 2014. She has represented New Zealand in the 2019 and 2023 Trans Tasman Challenge and the 2023 World Archery Oceania Championships, the 2023 World Archery Youth Championships, and the Sol2023 Pacific Games. She won the U21 Women's Recurve Individual Matchplay at Oceania 2023, and came second in the Target, as well as the mixed teams event with fellow staff shooter Ben McLean. Nuala travelled to Ireland to compete at the World Archery Youth Championships, finishing 57th. She went on to represent NZ at the multisport Sol2023 Pacific Games, winning a bronze medal in the ranking round and placing 4th in individual matchplay. She and fellow staff shooter Finn also placed 2nd in the mixed teams Continental Qualifying Tournament event. In March 2024, Nuala won the Continental Qualifying Tournament in both ranking and matchplay.

Nuala won the target, individual matchplay, and mixed teams matchplay at the 2023 NZ National Target Championships, and is ranked second in NZ Open Women's Recurve and first in U21 Women's Recurve as of March 2024. She is ranked 160th in the World Archery rankings as of 1st April 2024.

Nuala currently holds 9 NZ/National records.

Izzy Matthews

Izzy is a member of Mountain Green Archery Club, and has been shooting since 2013. She has represented New Zealand at the Trans Tasman Challenge 2019,  Trans Tasman Challenge 2023 and Oceania Championships 2023. Izzy also enjoys shooting field and clout, and represented New Zealand at the IFAA Indoor World Champs in Wellington. She also travelled to the Australian Nationals in 2022, where she came away with a gold and a silver medal.

As of 2024, Izzy is the current NZ National Champion in Open Women's Recurve, winning gold in all 4 Target Championship events and both Field Championship events, as well as a bronze medal in the Clout Championship.

Izzy studies at the University of Auckland and received a UoA Blues Award for her achievements in 2023.

Izzy holds 8 NZ/National records


Ben McLean

Ben has been shooting since 2015, and is a member of Auckland Archery Club. As of March 2024, Ben is ranked second in NZ for Open Men's Recurve. Ben has represented NZ a number of times, first at the 2018 Trans Tasman Challenge in Australia, and recently at the 2023 WA Oceania Championships. He won gold in the U21 Men's Recurve indivdual matchplay and silver in the U21 Recurve mixed teams with fellow staff shooter Nuala Edmundson at this event. Ben travelled to Ireland this July to compete in the 2023 World Archery Youth Championships, where he finished 57th. Ben also won the matchplay at the Continental Qualifying Tournament in March 2024.

Ben is the 2024 Archery NZ National Champion, winning all 4 gold medals at the Target Championships in March, along with a gold in the Clout Championship and a silver in the Field Championship.

Ben holds 2 NZ/National records.


Nicky Luis

Nicky started shooting in June 2019 when she picked up a barebow and immediately fell in love. Her home range is Mountain Green Archery Club.

She is currently the top ranked women's barebow archer in New Zealand (as of March 2024), and represented New Zealand at the Oceania Champs in Adelaide in April 2023 where she walked away with two bronze medals. Nicky also won gold in all 4 events at the 2024 Archery NZ National Target Championships, making her the 2024 National Champion for Open Women's Barebow.

Nicky primarily shoots outdoor and indoor target archery. She shoots with a Mybo riser, Uukha limbs and Easton arrows.

Nicky holds 8 NZ/National records.

You can follow her and check out recent photos and videos on her website and social sites:

Mike Savage

Mike has been shooting for over 50 years, and belongs to Franklin Archers. He holds all the NZ IFAA Bowhunter records, many other records, and even some Australian records. He has represented NZ Archery twice at World Archery Field Championships, in France and Canada. Mike is a two-time IFAA 3D Australian National Champion. He is the Australian Queensland State Champion for Target and he has won  four gold medals at the World Masters Games. Mike has many other achievements, including

  • IBO Champion 9 times
  • World Champion IFAA
  • Champion of Nations team winner - 1st time for NZ
  • Archery NZ Indoor Champs 7 times
  • Outdoor Target NZ Champion 6 times
  • Shot at the 50th Vegas Shoot.

Mike is also an International sponsored shooter with Hoyt.

Meike Voigt

Meike Voigt has been a barebow archer for over 5 years. In 2020 she travelled to Australia and competed for NZ in the World Indoor Series, winning her category. In 2023 she represented New Zealand at the World Archery Oceania Championships. She came fourth in the individual matchplay, and won the silver medal in the mixed teams matchplay. Meike has also spent many years serving on the committee for Mountain Green Archery Club, most recently as the Club Captain. She is aiming to represent NZ at international field events in 2024.

Meike holds 24 NZ/National Tournament records.

Regan Walters

Regan is a barebow archer and belongs to the Franklin County Archery Club. He is currently the youngest president of an archery club in New Zealand and a level 1 NZFAA Archery coach. Regan has been shooting since 2013. Regan has competed in the Black arrows team for Champion of Nations in 2019 held in Yankton where he came away with the gold medal in the competition and broke all 3 NZ records for young adult bowhunter recurve.

Regan has many other achievements including:

  • 6 Archery NZ, 33 NZFAA records.
  • Record holder of Archery NZ 50m (72 arrows)
  • Record holder of the three day standard IFAA indoor record
  • Record holder of all three Pacific region field archery shoots (Field, Hunter and Marked animal) for young adult bowhunter recurve in 2019, and two Pacific region field archery shoots (Field and Marked animal) for Junior male bowhunter recurve in 2017



Kerry Hoole

Kerry is a member of Mountain Green Archery Club. He represented NZ at the 2023 World Archery Oceania Championships in Adelaide. He is ranked second in the NZ rankings in the Barebow Masters as of December 2023, and second in Open Barebow.

Kerry holds 15 NZ/National Records.