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Absolute 40 by OK archery. Notice how little vibration is in the bow.

How to wax your bow string

How to assemble a recurve bow




Learn Archery with Jake Kaminski


Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot


The Hoyt Recurve Stealth Shot is a must have for serious recurve target shooters. By stopping the string at brace height, the stealth shots dampens limb vibration while improving accuracy and energy transfer to the arrow. With a more consistent nock-from-sting release, you'll enjoy higher scores and a much more accurate set-up.
The Recurve Stealth Shot can be fitted to either the Formula ION-X or the Hoyt Tiburon




Cheree Kinnear ~ TSB tv ad

W&W Born to win promo video




Archery Slow Motion

This video shows the perfect release. Also interesting to see the stabilizer after the shot.