Focus Tungsten for X10

Focus Archery Tungsten for X10


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Focus Archery Glue-In Point Tungsten for X10


Grain Weight 120-110-100, 140-130-120 grains
Material 97% Tungsten, 1.5% nickel and 1.5% copper
Profile Bullet
Compatibility for all Easton X10 and X10 Protour Shafts
Colour True Silver
  • Designed to fit Easton X10 shaft and X10 Protour shafts.
  • Break off design for improved tuning options.
  • Tungsten offers improved durability preventing bending in the shaft for increased arrow life¬†.

Packet of 12 points

Additional information

Point weight

100-120 grn, 120-140 grn