Hoyt Compound Bow Invicta 37 SVX RH


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Mass Weight 2132 gram
Draw Length 23.5 - 30.0 inch
Poundage 50 - 60 lbs
Factory Speed 330 fps
Axle to Axle 37.25 inch
Let-off % 65 %
Brace Height 7.00 inch
Material Aluminium
Finish Anodized
Cam Type SVX


  • Longer, and lighter weight riser design.
  • Stable for incredible aim and hold on your target.
  • Interchangeable grips offer a selection of angles and heights for the best fit and optimal pressure distribution.
  • Grips can also be used to shorten draw length to find the perfect fit.
  • Quiet and smooth shot experience with extreme vibration removing design.
  • Featuring Hoyt's high performance SVX cam for a hard stop, smooth draw and fast arrow speeds.
  • Torque reducing cable guard design.

The Bow is fitted with SVX #3 cams and set at 27.5"